Born on college campuses, Beer Pong is the ultimate party-game favorite. 

Now Beer Pong on the PSN takes it to the next level by featuring an elaborate throwing system for complete accuracy on the PlayStation Move, or use the original DualShock 3 controller and play with its accelerometer to simulate the feel of throwing a ball.  Beer Pong features for the PSN include:

    • 1 to 4 player Beer Pong games.
    • Adjust Beer Pong rules: allow rebuttal, allow bouncing or bouncing only games. Change the cup size to increase difficulty.
    • 1 to 3 player Speed Pong. (a head to head Beer Pong game where players pit against each other to the last cup)
    • Speed Pong’s screw your neighbor.  Sink a cup with an icon, and your opponents are challenged with sliding doors, shrunken cups, flipping cups, and additional cups.
    • Choose from 4 tables.
    • Tournament Modes.  Beer Pong offer local play with 4, 8 or 16 team bracket play.  Play games until the last two teams remain standing at play for the title. Play speed pong in 2 player head to head battles with up to 16 players fighting for 1st place.
    • Fireball Bonuses for consecutive shots.
    • With Practice play, up to 3 people can play indefinitely and hone their skill to be the best shot.
    • 9 high energy sound tracks that you can cycle through or turn off and on.
    • With Sony’s BGM play you can play your own music while playing Beer Pong.
    • Listen to the announcer comment on you play.
    • Play with anyone over PlayStation Network.  Speed Pong and Beer Pong games up to 4 players can play each other over the network.
    • View your top high scores from a local high score list, or compare yourself against the world when playing on the network with the network high score list.
    • Achieve Beer Pong greatness and you will be awarded trophies for your efforts.