Buy a Game on WiiWare.

So you have made the decision to buy one of our awesome WiiWare games, just follow Nintendo's 9 easy steps...

1) Go to the Wii Shop Channel.

2) Select Start... Because the Wii doesn't think you really wanted to push that button.

3) This screen should appear; if not you are screwed, unless you go to Nintendo's site.

4) Start Shopping! Here is where it gets tricky.

5) The WiiWare button, is not a destination, it's a journey... Make sure you have enough Wii points or you will be screwed again. If you don't have any Wii points check with Nintendo.

6) Select search by publisher, or you can try to type the game name, but you need the steady hand of a sniper.

7) Find our name: JV Games.

8) Select the title you wish to purchase. Beer Pong for the Wii... I mean Pong Toss Pro or one of our other great games.

9) FINALLY, select download and follow the additional instructions.